An active life, free of gut and digestive issues.

Vibration of Balance offers Ayurveda-based nutrition and wellness coaching. 

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When your life is disrupted by...

Gut Discomfort

Gut and digestive issues are uncomfortable and can even be painful.

Food Sensitivities

Not knowing what to eat is depleting and becomes discouraging.

Low Energy

An unhealthy gut disrupts our sleep and affects our daily performance.

Chronic Skin Issues

Most skin issues can be traced back to  diet and digestive imbalances.


Inflammation is known to be directly linked to most modern illnesses.

Trial and Error

Trying random things for little to no result is frustrating and costly.

Relief comes from finding the right support.

Free no-obligation introduction.

Gut and digestive issues can be confusing and difficult to talk about.

I know from personal experience how confusing digestive issues are to solve as they tend to manifest in different and seemingly unrelated ways.

People with chronic digestive issues often come to me at a point of crisis after they've "tried everything" without success. 

Addressing the root cause to these issues is at the center of my coaching program. I provide a personalized self care path that combines balanced nutrition and non-aggressive natural methods that my clients can embrace for a lifetime.

Please join me on a free no-obligation discovery call to find out if this is right for you.

Marie Amram is the owner of Vibration of Balance and is an S.V. Ayurveda Nutrition and Wellness Coach. She specializes in gut and digestive wellness.
Free no-obligation introduction.

A life-transforming journey:

Book a discovery call

During this call we'll not only get to know each other, we'll go over what's going on and talk about your wellness goals. This conversation will help you know if what I offer is right for you.

Make positive change

Understand and manage digestive imbalances that affect you and disrupt your life. Create nurturing routines. Prepare delicious, nutritious, and non-inflammatory meals.

Get clarity and vitality

Experience improvements, energy and ease right away. A new level of self nurture and wellbeing takes place, allowing you to live a more active and fulfilling life.
Free no-obligation introduction.

A nurturing journey with

Focus on you

By focusing on your specific needs and concerns, we create a plan that's made just for you.


Ayurveda recognises that there's a direct connection between what we consume and how we feel.

Going deep

Instead of just addressing the external manifestations of digestive issues, Ayurveda connects them with their deeper root causes.

No need to be vegetarian

What I recommend is similar to a complete Mediterranean diet but without inflammatory foods.

Foods we all can enjoy

Gain confidence that healthy meals can be enjoyed as a family.

No pressure to buy products

Some products may be recommended but there is no pressure to buy them.

What you'll get from this coaching:

and more to enjoy and thrive!

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Starter Plan

Complete Individualized Ayurveda nutrition and wellness coaching


Four 1-hour sessions

Follow-up Support

Stay on track with your nutrition and wellness plan

Hourly sessions as per your needs:

On demand CAN$106.50

Recurring weekly CAN$35

Bi-monthly CAN$55 

Monthly CAN$75

Ayurveda Cooking

Individual classes or group workshop


Four 1-hour classes

Coaching sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom or Google Meet.

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"Being affected by Lyme disease, I had tried many modalities with varying degrees of success. With Marie, I gradually came to a place of better balance."

Julie M.

"I knew that I needed to adjust my diet and Marie has helped me accomplish exactly that. I would recommend this journey to anybody looking for “the best of themselves."

Anita Rampaart

"Marie is a true listener. She made me feel comfortable. I would not go back to my old ways of eating. I regained my strength, energy and overall vitality. I feel great!"

Barb W.

After you've tried everything...

Gut and digestive issues don't just go away on their own and, over time, they become chronic and overwhelming.

Has everything you've tried so far failed? Does the idea of adopting another diet and revising your lifestyle feel daunting and discouraging?

If this describes how you feel, you've come to the right place. I'm here to guide you on your path toward a more balanced and comfortable life.

Getting your life back!

Free no-obligation introduction.

"The 7 Most Misleading Myths and Claims about Gut and Digestive Wellness."

...and why you should avoid them!

In light of S.V. Ayurveda, learn how these so-called "superfoods" and "health hacks" can actually make you feel worse.